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Danielle Hoffman

National Sales Director PERQ

Professional Bio

PERQ helps Multifamily customers convert up to 200%+ more property website traffic into known leads by engaging consumers through personalized experiences on their website. In addition to engagement, PERQ collects actionable data while increasing web conversion.
Higher Conversion
Use your website like your best leasing agent instead of an online brochure. Attract and capture more leads through interactive experiences.

Better Quality
Know more about your prospects by capturing accurate renter profiles that help your leasing team strike meaningful conversations with consumers ready to rent.

Personalized Experiences
Create experiences tailored to each consumer, resulting in more time spent on your website and a more deeply engaged consumer.

Apartment Community/Company

PERQ PERQ 8095 Northwest 111th Terrace
Parkland, FL 33076
SEFAA Logo Supplier Member

Loyola Chicaga 2007 Communications & Political Science
Volunteer Work:
KIDS - Ft Lauderdale