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Operations Manager
M3 Capital Partners formed and capitalized MTC Realty, a multifamily business based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. MTC Realty is looking for Brazilians with experience in the US multifamily business who would like to relocate back to Sao Paulo and work for an exciting start-up multifamily business. We have various operationally focused positions available at the corporate-level and the property-level.

In particular, MTC Realty is looking to hire an Operations Manager who will be responsible for the operational excellence of the company's rapidly growing multifamily property portfolio, which is targeted to deliver over 10 projects and 1,500 multifamily units within São Paulo in the next +/- 5 years.

Professional Qualities

  • Proven success in operational leadership positions
  • High level of organizational, planning and prioritization skills
  • The ability to read, analyze and interpret complex documents in a timely manner
  • Ability to balance delivering quality of services / experiences with cost controls
  • Demonstrated success in hiring, managing and motivating staff
  • Demonstrated success in identifying, evaluating and onboarding outsourced services
  • Ability to work with multi-disciplinary team to drive organizational success
  • Ability to communicate, both up and down an organizational structure, in an effective manner
  • Fluency in English and Portuguese

Past Experience

  • At least 5-years of experience in an operational senior manager role
  • Relevant experience in residential multifamily, condominium or hotel operations and management
  • Experience in transitioning in, or opening, a new building (multifamily, condominium, hotel)
  • Operating expense and capital expenditure management
  • Planning and budgeting, with ongoing key performance reporting responsibilities
  • Research, implementation and oversight/management of associated operating, marketing and reporting systems/services

Interested applicants should be willing to relocate to Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Please contact Tom Conway at tconway@m3cp.com