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POST HURRICANE IRMA: We hope you, your communities, and employees managed to survive the storm without harm or minimal damage. We understand the severity of the storm and its reprecussions, and we hope to work together as an organization to support each other on the road to recovery. Please refer to our interactive Supplier Guide for a full list of repair, restoration or emergency response services. Click Here to View the Supplier Guide

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NEW NAA/NMHC Study Ranks Hardest Cities to Add New Apartments:
Miami Ranks #4 out of 50 Metro Areas

Read the Release Here

NAA ReportNAA Releases Market Momentum Report for Q2

Find out what the hottest markets are and the markets to watch from NAA Research and RealPage, Inc. in their new apartment Market Momentum Survey. Each quarter, NAA asks pre-eminent industry decision-makers six questions about their plans for market expansion and contraction, their expectations for rent growth and resident retention trends in markets across the U.S.

Read the survey results and analysis here

NAA Launches "Protect the Lease" Grassroots Campaign Focused on Tax Reform

protect the leaseThe National Apartment Association (NAA) today announces the launch of a national grassroots campaign focused on advocating for smart tax policy that promotes economic growth, job creation and investment in neighborhoods and communities.

Initiated in partnership with the National Multifamily Housing Council, the “Protect the Lease” campaign’s objective is to ensure that the Trump administration and Congress understand what’s at stake for the national apartment housing industry and, ultimately, the U.S. economy, as they look to overhaul the U.S. tax code. To learn more about the campaign, visit

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Communities are Becoming Smarter, Thanks to Technology

smart homeSmart technology can remotely control heating and cooling systems, lights, door locks, solar power, and many other devices to help make an apartment more efficient. But what makes sense in today’s economy, and what goes into the decision to implement this new technology? Property managers who haven’t faced these questions yet are sure to consider them in the future. Read More

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