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BioSweep Suncoast

BioSweep Suncoast

5750 Painted Leaf Lane
Naples, FL 34116
United States
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Company Overview

BioSweep Suncoast offers permanent smoke and odor removal of indoor spaces through our propriety process of Hydrogen Peroxide Gas, Germicidal UV Radiation, Hydroxyl Radicals and HEPA Filtration.

Our process is safe, ECO friendly and will not leave a residue. The BioSweep process kills pathogens, viruses, bacteria, allergens, mold and mildew.

We offer an affordable solution with proven results. Our process of odor removal is a game changer for owners and managers seeking solutions that are cost effective.

Don't paint before we treat. WE GUARNTEE RESULTS!

We also offer Surface Defense an all surface 12 month antimicrobial treatment service.

We treat elevators, railing, mailboxes, community bikes, gym and spa areas, public restrooms, common space kitchens, lobby, and much more. Surface Defense kills bacteria and viruses on contact, antimicrobials are physicals kills so it continues to work 24/7.

EPA listed, DOD Certified, USDA Registered. Laboratory tested June 2020 to kill Covid-19. Colorless , Odorless, Non-toxic, Non corrosive, viruses wont mutate and more.

This is the new technology you've been looking for.
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Jolyn Covelli
Jolyn Covelli Owner
Shane Covelli
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Areas of Expertise
Bio Hazard Cleaning, Cleaning Services, COVID-19 Health & Safety Measures In Place, Decontamination, Indoor Air Quality, Other, Restoration Services & Mold Removal, Smoke & Odor Cleaning