Maintenance Technician - CaraCo Property Management

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Maintenance Technician - CaraCo Property Management 

Position Description: HVAC certified maintenance technician to perform work orders, general repairs, and upkeep the interior/exterior of the properties in the best condition. 


  • Perform work orders and general repairs
  • Manage recycle and garbage removal
  • Assure upkeep of interior/exterior of buildings
  • Perform a wide variety of mechanical tasks
  • Perform a wide variety of technical tasks
  • Be onsite representative on behalf of the company

Requirements: Skills and knowledge of HVAC, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, appliance repair, and building mechanics.

Qualifications: HVAC certified, driver's license and reliable transportation, high school diploma or equivalent, bilingual a plus

Application Instructions & Contact Information:

Contact Lisa or Carlos at 954-344-9116 or submit resume to

You can also contact Joyce at 954-782-7740 or