Part-Time Leasing and Marketing Professional

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Metropolitan an Ascend Property in Wilton Manors, FL

Position Overview

The Leasing Director plays a key role in the on-site office. This person leads and manages daily tasks and supervision. The Leasing Director will coordinate reports, paperwork, and moving in new residents. In the absence of the Business Manager, he/she may assist in management responsibilities. The Leasing Director will track the progress of all leasing team through an on-going follow-through system.

Why Ascend Properties

Our vision is to build quality communities and residences that provide exceptional living experiences. The foundation of our corporate culture is focused on a respectful work environment that prioritizes in customer care. Our core values focus on strategic planning, financial analysis, and innovative design, which are essential to the successful achievement of our business commitments.

Support Relationship

The Leasing Director will report directly to the Business Manager. Specific community needs will be communicated to the Business Manager. The Leasing Director will also be responsible for interacting with the Regional Marketing Director aka Owner.


  • Must have an understanding of the current market and submarket conditions
  • Must be able to complete the market survey on a weekly or bi-weekly basis
  • Must be able to run weekly, monthly, and quarterly leasing reports
  • Leadership ability
  • Minimum of 2 years experience in the on-site leasing field
  • Must be able to communicate with the staff and clients/residents
  • Must have a current, valid driver's license
  • Must have an adequate understanding of current computer software
  • Must be flexible with hours/days
  • Must be able to tour the community, including climbing stairs on a regular basis
  • Must be available to assist with after-hours emergency situations
  • Must be able to keep themselves organized, and remember all requested

Job Responsibilities

The following outlines the complete job description of the Leasing Director.


  • Communicates to his/her team through weekly meetings
  • Mentors leasing team members and oversee on-going on-site training
  • Gives direction with clear and necessary instruction
  • Provides the necessary resources and support, including immediate feedback
  • Creates a motivating environment for his/her leasing team
  • Provides support when encountered with challenges
  • Shows initiative on a day to day basis
  • Obtain proposals as needed


  • Fulfills job description of Leasing Professional
  • Greet clients and residents in a friendly manner
  • Assigns and proofs all leasing paperwork
  • Audits and adheres to lease file policy with consistency
  • Prepares and submits daily, weekly, and monthly reports by the deadline
  • Understands and implements policies and procedures
  • Receives perfect or excellent shopping reports
  • Implements lease renewal and resident retention programs
  • Coordinates office team schedule
  • Prepares and submits fearless / leasing bonuses
  • Develops leasing bonus incentive programs
  • Understands and enforces community policies


  • Study online ILS listings in order to achieve better placement for the property
  • Weekly outreach marketing
  • Reviews aged vacancies, yellow brick road, market-ready apartments, and models
  • Analyzes weekly leasing reports and foresees occupancy trends
  • Completes and updates market survey
  • Tracks advertising, promotions, and publications
  • Develops and maintains rapport with locators
  • Shops competition on a consistent basis and directs the team to do the same
  • Responsible for developing and implementing resident activities
  • Identifies problem vacancies and generates strategy with team
  • Communicates with supervisor on changing market conditions
  • Responsible for updating web sites
  • Responsible for tracking and monitoring internet traffic results

Employee Relations

  • Take on Leasing Professional and Assistant Manager role when needed
  • Maintain a professional attitude and appearance at all times
  • Conduct weekly staff meetings alongside Business Manager
  • Communicate office issues with the Business Manager
  • Work with all employees to foster team spirit

To Apply, please email the Property Manager Zelinnette Albino at