Three benefits from working with HH Staffing

Three Benefits from Working with HH Staffing

Let’s face it, hiring has become an increasingly difficult requirement of running any business. South Florida continues to be one of the regions with the lowest unemployment rate. A successful staffing partner, who fully understands your property and your workplace culture, is what is needed for you to be successful in hiring the right talent for your property.

Here are three of the most important benefits that our clients have experienced when working with HH Staffing:

Customized hiring strategy

Most hiring managers interview and subsequently hire when somebody quits. Wrong strategy. Successful hiring managers are ALWAYS sourcing candidates and always interviewing candidates and then hiring when the vacancy occurs. That’s where HH Staffing can help. Since we interview candidates for a living, we always have candidates ready for you, on-demand, when you need them.

Cost savings

Along with a customized hiring strategy comes a direct cost savings to your organization. HH Staffing handles every aspect of the hiring process, including but not limited to creating job descriptions, promoting job openings, vetting candidates, coordinating interviews, conducting background checks, and facilitating onboarding procedures. This can result in enormous cost savings for your organization.

Reduced turnover

Our recruiters’ in-depth industry expertise allows us to recruit candidates with the specific skillsets and experience required to excel in your organization. We don’t hire “friends and family” candidates that raley work out. We are unbiased, objective and focused on the hiring criteria that we have been given and when that is done correctly, new hires stay longer and are far more productive in their job. This saves the property management company and their owners a lot of money.

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