Updates to NAA Click & Lease Program

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The NAA Click & Lease Program will be updated on June 23, 2021, to include the following changes:


  1. Apartment Lease/Student Housing Lease
    • Condition of the Premises and Alterations paragraph – added new subparagraph:
      Liens for Improvements. The interest of the Owner/Landlord shall not be subject to liens for improvements made by the Tenant(s) or Tenant(s)' contractors as provided in Section 713.10, Florida Statutes. You shall notify all parties performing work on the premises at your request that the Lease DOES NOT allow any liens to attach to Landlord's/Owner's interest, and the knowing or willful failure to provide such notice to the contractor shall render the contract between you and the contractor voidable at the option of the contractor. Any violation of this provision constitutes a material breach and default of the lease entitling us to terminate your Lease and/or to seek all remedies available under this Lease and law.

NEW Forms for FLORIDA:

  1. Petersburg, FL Required Notice Regarding Late Fees
    • Pursuant to Ordinance 20-320 in the St. Petersburg, FL City Code, it is unlawful to assess a Late Fee against a Tenant without first providing written notice to the Tenant, against whom the Late Fee is assessed, for each Late Fee assessed. Please visit the  Petersburg, FL Renter’s Rights website for additional information. For the full text of the ordinance, please see the St. Petersburg, FL City Code here.
    • This new form will be available in the Notice Forms print menu.
  2. Miami-Dade County, FL Month-to-Month Tenancy Notice Addendum
    • This form is being uploaded to comply with the Miami-Dade County Ordinance 21-1 that increases the notification period for termination of month-to-month residential tenancies to 30 days. The ordinance applies to incorporated and unincorporated areas of Miami-Dade County. For additional information regarding Ordinance 21-1, please see the official file copy here.
    • This new form will be available in the Lease Forms print menu. A new field will be added to the "Additional Provisions" section of the lease editor. This new field may be saved as a recurring default value.