Committees & Volunteers

The committees listed below provide an undeniable commitment on a consistent basis throughout the year. Their designated chairs and volunteers have also chosen to give their own personal time and energy and expend it to help others and grow the organization.

Time Commitment and Eligibility

  • In-person meetings are required to be scheduled four (4) times a year at a minimum. Additional meetings are welcomed to be scheduled via conference call.
  • Quarterly report documents must be submitted two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled Board Meeting to the assigned Staff and Board Liaison
  • Chair or co-chair must attend all scheduled Board meetings
  • No-shows or absent will be excused only two (2) times. The Board of Directors reserves the right to expel volunteers from the assigned position after two (2) no-shows or absences have been recorded.
  • Volunteers are allowed to serve on only two (2) different committees at the same time
  • Volunteers are allowed to serve as Chair on only one (1) committee

VOLUNTEER FORM ROBERT's rules of order 

What is the SEFAA Awards Ceremony Committee? 

The Awards Committee is responsible for planning all aspects of SEFAA’s Circle of Excellence Awards Ceremony. This celebratory, energizing gala recognizes apartment communities, companies, and individuals who have gone above and beyond for the success of the industry.

Meet the Chair and Co-Chair

  • Jaclene Sammons, First Onsite Restoration (Chair)
  • Laura Rodriguez, RKW Residential (Co-Chair)

Committee Goals

  • Manage nominations for all categories
  • Choose a theme for the event
  • Secure venue and entertainment
  • Plan all other aspects of COE Awards Ceremony

What is the SEFAA Business Exchange Committee? 

Business Exchange is SEFAA's version of a reverse style trade show hosted in a speed networking format. Suppliers are able to meet one-on-one with management companies through multiple 3-minute sessions. These sessions are timed throughout the event and suppliers move from table to table. The goal of this event is for as suppliers to meet with potential clients and reconnect with current ones to offer and promote their products and services.

Meet the Chair and Co-Chair

  • Jennifer Nau, The Guarantors (Chair)
  • Jaclene Sammons, First Onsite Restoration (Co-Chair)

Committee Goals

  • Find the proper venue to host the event
  • Organize event details
  • Secure participating management companies and auction items
  • Ensure sufficient supplier attendance

What is the SEFAA Community Service Committee?

The Community Service Committee is in charge of strengthening the rapport between the multifamily industry professionals and the public. It does so by identifying the areas of need in the community and planning activities accordingly, which provide the service and support needed.

Meet the Chair

  • Hollie McCall, DBK, Inc. (Chair)
  • Open (Co-Chair)

Committee Goals

  • Identify charitable organizations to support at different SEFAA events
  • Offer several opportunities for members to give back to the community throughout the year
  • Research and target the community areas most in need

What is the SEFAA DEI Committee?

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee is in charge of developing strategies that reinforce the importance of fostering a diverse and inclusive environment for all. They will accomplish this by setting up educational sessions and providing online resources to SEFAA members.

Meet the Chair and Co-Chair

  • Shirley Alvarez, CORT Furniture (Chair)
  • Khushboo Sindha, HTG Management (Co-Chair)

Committee Goals

  • Provide resources for members on SEFAA’s DEI efforts, DEI strategies and research for their consideration within their companies, and DEI opportunities within the Multifamily Industry
  • Implement strategies to increase diversity in leadership roles at the Board of Directors and Committee level
  • Provide engaging educational sessions and training for members wishing to delve deeper into DEI.

What is the SEFAA Education & Career Committee?

The Education & Career Committee is in charge of scheduling a variety of programs for the SEFAA’s general membership meetings. Their primary goal is to secure informative, engaging speakers who will present subjects that appeal to a wide range of members.

The Committee also provides timely seminars on industry-related topics. These topics include legal issues, marketing, leasing, environmental issues, risk management, fair housing, and more.

Meet the Chair and Co-Chair

  • Alexis Garel, HEF Management (Chair)
  • Marci French, HRG Asset Management LLC (Co-Chair)

Committee Goals

  • Secure relevant speakers for specific events
  • Research and offer timely seminars that are relevant to the industry
  • Offer certifications that help advance members’ careers

What is the SEFAA Legislative Affairs/PAC Committee?

The Legislative Affairs/PAC Committee is in charge of monitoring legislation and code issues that could affect the multifamily housing industry at the local, state, and national levels. They are also in charge of overseeing fundraising efforts in support of NAAPAC and APAC. This committee works in conjunction with the Government Affairs departments of both, Florida Apartment Association (FAA), and the National Apartment Association (NAA).

Meet the Chair and Co-Chair

  • Open (Chair)
  • Jackie DiStefano, Greystar (Co-Chair)

Committee Goals

  • Organize fundraiser events to support NAAPAC and APAC
  • Support legislation in favor of the multifamily housing industry
  • Set and reach fundraising goals for the year

What is the SEFAA Maintenance Council?

The Maintenance Council was created to provide a forum for maintenance technicians. It strives to take the lead in developing education training sessions that are related to maintenance technicians’ job duties. The council also provides SEFAA members with up-to-date well-timed seminars on industry-related topics, which are supplemental to the content of NAAEI designation courses.

Meet the Chair and Co-Chair

  • Osvaldo Ochoa, Highmark Residential (Chair)
  • Marco Almeida, AvalonBay Communities (Co-Chair)

Committee Goals

  • Offer events that will bring the maintenance professional’s community together
  • Offer certification programs and educational events that will assist on the career growth
  • Build new sources of communication to reach the maintenance professional’s community

What is the SEFAA Management Executive Forum Committee?

The forum’s main goal is to produce a quality didactic experience catering to Owners and Executive Management, featuring hot topics of the multifamily industry.

Meet the Chair and Co-Chair

  • Jermaine Weathersby, Chadwell Supply (Chair)
  • Austin Carter, RKW Residential (Co-Chair)

Committee Goals

  • Maintain sponsorships and follow up with rostered guests

What is the SEFAA Membership Committee?

The Membership Committee is in charge of overseeing the important tasks of obtaining new members and retaining the existing ones. It develops and executes strategies to increase member satisfaction and engagement. The committee strives to strengthen industry relationships by organizing annual membership drives, networking mixers, and member outreach programs.

Meet the Chair and Co-Chair

  • Courtney Gavin, Xelda Company (Chair)
  • Odette Hansen, Cortland Partners (Co-Chair)

Committee Goals

  • Increase membership units and membership engagement
  • Collect and target unique membership segments
  • Strategize membership recruitment at events
  • Exhibit membership value and opportunities to members and prospect members

The Trade Show Committee is responsible for planning and ensuring the success of SEAA’s Trade Show. This showcase brings together the state’s top suppliers for one of the largest multifamily housing industry trade shows in South Florida.

Meet the Chair

  • Michael Gonzalez, Premier Trash Pros (Chair)

Committee Goals

  • Secure large venue
  • Ensure sufficient participation
  • Organize booth layout

What is the SEFAA Suppliers Council?

The Suppliers Council strives to increase resources and value for SEFAA’s supplier members. It is in charge of creating valuable networking opportunities, brand exposure, and facilitating opportunities to engage with key decision-makers in the multi-family housing area.

The Council hosts supplier-focused events such as the annual trade show, supplier success breakfast, meetings, and much more.

Meet the Chair and Co-chair

  • Lisa Wade, Latite Roofing (Chair)
  • Mathieu Boileau, OnCall Parking Manager (Co-Chair)

Committee Goals

  • Structure events that will benefit active members of the association
  • Offer different opportunities to recognize members at different levels of the association
  • Promote network opportunities to develop key connections in the industry

What is the SEFAA Volleyball Tournament Committee?

This group is dedicated to planning SEFAA’s Annual Volleyball Tournament. This event is where hundreds of players and spectators from both management and supplier companies come together for an action-packed day of friendly competition, networking with industry peers.

Meet the Chair and Co-Chair

  • Donna Ameller, Asset Living (Chair)

Committee Goals

  • Find appropriate venue
  • Acquire team rosters in advance
  • Plan and manage team brackets
  • Assist with securing other event components, such as Food & Beverage

What is the SEFAA Young Professionals Council?

The Young Professionals Council offers networking and skill development opportunities to “young in the industry” leaders in which they can team up with industry pros. Their focus is on leadership education development and contributing to increasing industry awareness.

The Council is in charge of organizing social and educational events for SEFAA members to network with industry peers, learn more about the Association, and explore multifamily career opportunities.

Meet the Chair and Co-Chair

  • Channel Bauzo, AMLI Residential (Chair)
  • Alexandra Hernandez, Scully Company (Co-chair)

Committee Goals

  • Actively manage SEFAA YP Facebook group with weekly posts that project YP council as professional, goal-driven, and forward-thinking industry professionals
  • Actively recruit all level of leaderships to participate in meetings, mixers, and all SEFAA sponsored events
  • Actively participate in the community of which the YP’s serve
  • Organize events to help grow YP members’ careers

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