2018 Premier Education Partner

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Premier Education Partners receive speaking time at each educational program offered by SEFAA. These applicable programs are mainly catered to our management company sector including corporate executives, regional managers, community managers, leasing agents, and maintenance directors. The Premier Education Partnership is exclusive to six (6) companies and limited to one (1) company per industry or professional specialty.

Benefits include:

  • Company logo on branded notebooks provided to attendees of educational programs
  • Company logo hyperlinked and displayed on the Premier Education Partner page of the website
  • Company logo on designated signage displayed at each educational program
  • Company logo featured on an interactive slide presentation for each educational program
  • Marketing collateral presented at each educational program
  • 2 minutes of speaking time at the Landlord Tenant Legal Seminar
  • 2 minutes of speaking time at the Fair Housing Seminar
  • 2 minutes of speaking time at each Breakfast Meeting Seminar event (two programs scheduled)
  • 2 tickets to the Landlord Tenant Legal Seminar 
  • 2 tickets to the Fair Housing Seminar 
  • 2 tickets to each Breakfast Meeting Seminar event 

Terms & Conditions

  • Sponsors must pay their partnership in full by the designated invoice deadline or benefits will be revoked. Once payment is received, benefits may be reinstated.
  • Sponsors shall not utilize any attendee roster to engage in long-term advertisement.
  • Sponsors shall not add any attendee roster to a database for solicitation purposes.
  • Sponsors shall only use an attendee roster for a one-time promotion or use of target marketing.
  • Sponsors shall provide promotional items at least 5-7 business days prior to a scheduled event.
  • Sponsors are responsible for meeting any other established deadlines as it relates to marketing and signage.

If you have any questions, please contact: partnerships@sefaa.org

Member Price: $4,200