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Charitable Contributions - Broward Education Foundation School Supply Center

Charitable Contributions - Broward Education Foundation School Supply Center

The impact of COVID-19 is far-reaching and has disproportionately impacted those least able to afford it in Broward County— children. Untold numbers of children in Broward County Public Schools whose families struggled to make ends meet before COVID-19 will be in desperate need of basic school supplies this school year. 

Consider this: 

  • Prior to the pandemic, more than 200,000 students in Broward Schools could not afford lunch, let alone school supplies.

  • Each day more Broward County families fall victim to business closures, reduced hours, and layoffs.

  • School supplies can provide children with a necessary sense of normalcy during these challenging times.

Will you help?

Your contribution to the Broward Education Foundation helps provide 18-piece basic school supply kits to every student in 112 Title I elementary schools in Broward County. It’s a huge undertaking, but our community’s children need our support. You can equip a child, a classroom, or a school starting at just $10. Can we count on your support?

Other ways to support:

  • Visit SEFAA's Broward Education Foundation Amazon wish list to browse through the list of most needed supplies and purchase the items from the comfort of your office or home.


  • Visit the Broward Education Foundation's website and submit your monetary donation directly to them by completing their form. Please make sure to include "The South East Florida Apartment Association (SEFAA)" under "organization" to enter SEFAA's fundraising donor list.
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