Earn SEFAA Credit - Refer a Member!

In The Local News,

Know Someone Who Would Like to Join SEFAA? Refer a Community or Company Today!

For every referral you submit that becomes a member, you will get $10 in credit available to be used on any of your future SEFAA purchases. There is no limit on your credit accrual or type of purchase you can use this toward (yes, you can even use it towards your renewal invoice!).

Rules and Exceptions

  • You will have to facilitate the introduction between them and our Association. You can do so by doing a 3-way call with us at 561-447-0696 or by an email introduction to membership@sefaa.org
  • The Community/Company you refer should sign up within 3 months of the referral for you to get the $10 credit
  • Management Companies are not able to ‘refer’ their own communities
  • Credits do not roll over, they have to be applied within the calendar year they are earned (before 12/31)
    • This does not prevent you from using the credits towards an event in the following calendar year


How to Use Earned Credits?

  • Contact SEFAA staff by calling 561-447-0696 or emailing us at membership@sefaa.org and request a Credits Code
  • Let us know if you want to use a portion or all of your credits
    • Credit balance can be checked by contacting us through phone or email
  • A staff member will contact you back with a unique code for you to apply during payment/checkout
    • Your Credit balance will be depleted to $0 once this code is generated
  • A Credit Code has to be used within 7 days of its creation, so make sure to apply it as soon as you receive it.

For any questions contact us at info@sefaahq.org